CSR jobs are only the beginning…

We help universities turn their students into well-paid professionals in CSR, impact investing, cleantech, sustainability, and social enterprises.

To do so, we offer:

  • A library of self-paced modules for your students to learn what they need to know to best prepare for their next 1:1 career coaching session;
  • A training program for university staff and faculty to learn how to coach students and alumni Get Clear, Get Connected, and Get Hired for well-paying values-driven internships and jobs.

We also offer individual coaching services for students and professionals who want to compete for values-driven careers in CSR, social enterprise and sustainable business.

Our products and services are grounded in in-depth research and success stories from:

  • Dr. Mark Albion‘s 30+ years of experience inspiring MBAs to create their path to meaning and money by co-founding Net Impact, speaking at over 600 business school campuses, as well as writing 7 books and 163 e-newsletters along with articles and cases published in Fast Company, Financial Times, and Harvard Business Review;
  • Dr. Mrim Boutla‘s extensive experience as a cognitive neuroscientist turned career coach who has helped hundreds of MBAs, PhDs, and liberal arts graduates get clear, get connected, and get hired for jobs in CSR, social enterprise and sustainable business.
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